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A little abt "KeNnEtH Da GrEaT"


Biography of KeNnEtH Da GrEaT!!!Website of KeNnEtH Da GrEaT!!!Pics of KeNnEtH Da GrEaT!!!


Kenneth with Adv. Sonia in 2003

Kenneth in da Ethnic style with Shrimati Adv. Venecia

Kenneth and his Sister Kathleen the topper in her college doing her IT engg. Final year.

Kathleen my sister in the backstage of the fashion show organized by my leo club.. and me "KeNnEtH Da GrEaT" is the Charter President of Leo Club of Pilar.

Miss goa 2005 Janice Sobti        Pic dtd : 13/11/05 


Miss Goa 2005 "Janice Sobti with "KeNnEtH Da GrEaT"

Pic dtd : 13/11/05

Other pics of "KeNnEtH Da GrEaT"


Pics of me below when I was 16 yrs old doing stunts on my Yamaha sports bike, while I was studying in Belgaum doing my Electrical and Electronics Engg.!!!

Me right now known as a terror in driving and riding on the dirt tracks, but also the most safest driver in Goa at the same time!!!

Pics of me when I was small as shown below:

Pics of me when i was small as below (Me the smallest one in one of the pics):

A Little abt the trip to Panhala, on Dec 12 2005.. I went for a long drive in my car all alone... like a free bird in the sky... :) It was like this Goa - Belgaum - Kolhapur - Panhala - Goa, it was a outing or a holiday trip for a week.. in which I covered a total distance of 1300 Kms based as per my Kilometre reading. Actually Panhala is exactly around 270 Kms away from my home, my best timing from my home to Panhala was in 2 hours 45 mins.

Detail's of each pics will be added later.


Some Pics at the Bay watch Restaurant in Bambolim Beach Resort.

The Shining white which can be seen on my ear is not earing's, but my handsfree kit for speaking on my mobile. :)


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